Personalised Wedding Converse in Diss, Norfolk

A to Z Guide To Your Wedding!


Happy New Year to everyone!

To those who have been planning their wedding already or to anyone who has recently got engaged and looking to get the planning in full swing, we hope our upcoming A-Z will help with all of the wed-min.

Being in the business for more than 5 years now we have an idea of what the bride’s think of when it comes to your wedding, however, is there really a guide for this?!

Each day we will be posting a new letter with the attached information relating to it – we will be creating a PDF guide for when we are completed which will be available for download too!

Our guide is just a fun helpful tool to get you through and feel free to use as either a checklist (for you organisational bunch out there) or a guide for where to start (for you laid back chicks out there).

Note: We may suggest certain brands/companies that can be of help, we are in no way affiliated with these brands and just a happy promotion of people we would personally use ourselves!

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