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Arranging Your Wedding


Arranging. Arrangement. Arranged.

However you say it, it’s either happening, due to start or nearly completed.

Wedding Planner!

So where to begin? Get yourself a wedding planner and I don’t mean the ones you call you every moment of every day to plan your wedding with you (however if you are down for that then go for it, although I have none to suggest here, sorry!) I mean the diary/notebook you can get to know where to start… I have seen some beautiful ones around – some are noted below for inspo!

Vintage Wedding Diary
Personalised Wedding Planner
Digital Wedding Planner


No one likes to discuss money but hey we are planning a wedding here and we need money to make it happen. So plan wisely and spend within your means but do allow yourself to a little extra. I mean it’s your big day after all and whether this is your first time or maybe not, you want to be special and have everything you want, but be realistic without getting yourself into debt. Some venues have payment plans or can offer certain dates/times that can help reduce costs if you are struggling to meet the wedding you want and the one you can have financially.


Seriously, this is the first thing you need to arrange – make sure you have your budget in mind as well as potential dates so hopefully you can get the date you like (if you have one in mind) or are open to suggestions. Now be aware the wedding season flows from May to September usually so venue prices will be increased during this period, please don’t be sad if the date in June you wanted on a Saturday is £10,000 more than the Thursday in November, it kind of comes with the territory.

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