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Be Ballsy!


Your Wedding. You’re the boss.

When it comes to your wedding it can be really thoughtful for other people to want to give their advice or offer to help and this is in no way a bad thing but always remember this is your wedding day.

What does this all mean?

Generally, family members will offer help financially or to help with certain areas of your wedding which are both gratefully accepted if you want to let loose on the reigns a little, but bear in mind that anyone can become a bridezilla at a wedding whether it is their’s or not.

What can you do?

You don’t need to fall out with anyone or hurt anyone’s feelings including your own, this is your wedding and your wants come above everyone else. Sometimes if you feel someone is becoming a bit too full-on with their advice/guidance and/or trying to persuade you into going ahead with something you perhaps aren’t really in agreement with then just be open from the start.

A way to take control of these situations is to politely agree the idea is great and would like to add it to a list of other ideas/suggestions you have that you wish to review with your bride/husband to be. This could mean you are not on the spot being made to make a decision and you can both discuss what you would like on your big day and if this suggestion makes the cut.

When you have discussed the outcome, if it isn’t something that you are going ahead with, rather than ignore it and wait for the person to ask, just give them a call/meet up and mention that although you loved the idea it wasn’t fitting for your wedding but happy to take on board other ideas (as they may have some good ones!)

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