Personalised Wedding Converse in Diss, Norfolk



Picking your ideal outfit…

This can be one of the most exciting however possibly a little stressful time during your wedding planning. Most of the time brides will get this appointment booked before anything else which it’s a good idea to get your venue and date confirmed first so you can let the wedding store know a date to work towards.

Dress Search…

The excitement begins… first things first let’s get searching for boutiques/stores in your area, now there is nothing currently out there that allows you to search for them all in one place (watch this space!), but generally if you search for wedding dress shops in Google on your phone/home computer this should pick up your location and suggest the local shops to you.

If you have been planning your wedding for a little while (like in your head since you were younger) then along the way you may have been saving certain website links/liking Facebook pages or perhaps being recommended by word of mouth so these are always a good spot to try first.

You don’t need to pick one shop and stick to it, so many shops have so many varieties, colours and styles to choose from so its good to get a feel of the shop options you have close to you (or further afield).


It is a good idea to discuss a budget with the fiance of a ballpark highest you want to spend, as it’s a good directional step to ensure you are both happy with the decision.

Financial Help

Some family members may wish to purchase this for you or help out and sometimes its a really nice idea to have your family/friends get involved but remember if you do, be sure to outline when you agree that you are so thrilled and grateful for their help but really want to get something you want to wear on your big day. You don’t want to feel pressured to get something that someone else likes based on that they are paying for it, you may end up with something you really don’t like/feel comfortable in.

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