Personalised Wedding Converse in Diss, Norfolk

Purple Mum & Daughter Converse

Our customer reached out to us when they were looking for a unique pair of Converse that were purple… they had to be purple! So we did a little research and found these childen’s purple high tops that had the option for the laces to be replaced but also had side zips for children to use.

When we provided some ideas to the customer she was so happy with the option provided and knew it would be perfect. So we suggested purple personalised laces with silver text and white bows so the colours were consistant throughout the shoe.

Once we created them, it made her wish she had a pair or her own… so she asked if it was possible to create a pair in her size with matching personalised laces and white bows – and of course we could stock her size and we were able to match them up perfectly.

We love our Mother/Daughter combo and if this is something you would like to create then please let us know by providing your ideas via our Custom Order Request.

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